There's a bunch of different ways to help keep Tour Girls alive, whether you really want to see where the story's going or you just like being a generous, kind-hearted soul!

The most basic way to support us is donations via PayPal. Click the wallpaper you want below, and you'll be forwarded to PayPal to make your donation. Once it's cleared, you'll be directed to the page to download the wallpaper from. It's that easy!

It's even better than donating, because you get something even better in return than a wallpaper! Whether it's a t-shirt, a mousepad, or anything else we can think up to make available, buying Tour Girls merchandise helps keep us alive! We have two online stores to pick from at the moment, and we're adding more to our Zazzle every day!

Visit us in Second Life, at the A.D. Studios & Blue Scar Productions main store! If you don't know what Second Life is, jump onto their website and make an account today - it's super-fun!

Download any one of our buttons and add it to your webcomic, and if we have space for one of an equal size (or close to it), then we'll add it to our website as well! Pick from the most recent selection of buttons here. Once you've added it, send us an email at bluescar at!
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