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Dun-dun-duuuuun! Four years in the making, Tour Girls In The 23rd Century is finally live! Well, okay, it's been published a few times, but after all the problems with publishing in a limited market like New Zealand, we decided that the web is the way to go. To celebrate the release, this week we'll have a comic a day Mon-Fri, before we settle into our routine of Tuesday and Thursday comics next week.

We apologise in advance for any dead links or what have you, we're still getting the last of the bugs ironed out of the website. But sooner or later there will be lots of little tidbits to explore besides the comic itself, so keep checking back!


The Scarmander.

P.S. If anyone knows an easy way to feed the blog posts from my Blogger or Wordpress blog directly onto my front page, please contact me (bluescar (at) - After four days of searching and failing, I've given up!

In 2003/2004, Tour Girls was released in two separate books, #0 and #1. In 2006, we realised it was stupid to make people buy the preview issue to get the whole story, so we re-released the comic in a single book - Tour Girls #1: Redux! This is the updated cover.

Lineart by V. L. Dreyer
Colours by A. Talboys
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